When should I wear a bracelet?
SWAMI's bracelet is a power stone bracelet, but it has high fashionability, so please choose according to the mood and scene of the day.

Please tell me the payment method.
You can choose various credit card payment, product COD shipping by Yamato Takkyubin, Yamato post-payment payment, transfer to our bank account.

Can you ship overseas?
Yes. Is possible.
When purchasing from overseas, please purchase from the following online site.

Can I ship for gifts?
Yes. Is possible.
Please write "Present" in the remarks and comments section when purchasing the shop.

In order to use SWAMI jewelry for a long time
(Elastic type)

About repair

Products purchased at our shop are available for repair.

If the rubber runs out, we will repair it free of charge for one month from the purchase of the product.

If it has been more than one month, we will repair it for $ 8.00 (excluding tax).

If the stone has been broken, or if there are additional necessary stone materials or parts other than rubber or wire, we will be charged for the materials and parts.

Repair costs are free of charge within one month as mentioned above.

Please pay the shipping cost for the round trip for repair.

About bracelet size change

For one month from the arrival of the product, we accept free size exchange.

If more than one month has passed, the fee will be $8.00 (excluding tax).

If there are additional necessary stone materials and parts other than rubber and wires,

we will charge the corresponding materials and parts.

The shipping cost for round trips when changing the size should be paid by the customer.


 In the case of repair and size correction, please contact our shop in advance.

Please note that we are not responsible for any errors in use or accidents due to modification.

(Wax rope type)

SWAMI's jewelry series is coated with products using stone, wood, shells, metals, etc. and beeswax.

They are carefully manufactured one by one by skilled craftsmen to increase the water resistance with beeswax,

but if a strong impact is applied, they may cause scratches, breakage or detachment.

It reacts with cosmetics, hairdressing products, detergents, pharmaceuticals, etc., and may cause discoloration.

Depending on your constitution, itching and rash may occur. If you feel any abnormality on your skin, stop using and consult a specialist.

About repair

The warranty period of this product is one month from the date of purchase.

If the product you purchased is damaged, consult your dealer.

Repairs will be charged if damage is caused by daily use.

Please note that repairs may not be possible depending on the content of parts replacement or damage.


In the case of products that use power stones, the stones may come off the rope due to wish fulfillment or substitution.

The stones are woven one by one with the technique of eternal knot (knot of eternal happiness), so it is unlikely that all the stones will come off at once,

If three or more stones come off, we recommend replacing the product.


Please note that we cannot accept any responsibility for errors in use and accidents due to modification.

About Returns

Rur exhibit deals with a lot of overseas imported goods. Depending on the product, the warranty in Japan may not be effective and repair may be charged.
Please make sure to contact us for warranty before purchasing.
If there is any damage or initial failure upon arrival, we will exchange if the stock is available, and refund or return if the stock is not available.
Please note that we cannot accept returns for any good reason without your consent.
In addition, please understand that we will refuse returns if your order is incorrect or the image is different.

Return date

If you think there was a problem with the product from the beginning, please contact us within 7 days from the date of arrival of the product.
Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges more than 7 days after the product arrives.

Return / Resend shipping

In the case of returned goods other than the convenience of the customer, our shop will bear the full amount.

About refund

Payment will be made to your designated account within 7 working days after the return of goods is confirmed.

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